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Truck Accident - Choosing The Right Lawyer!

April 1, 2022

If you’re injured in an accident caused by a truck, your lawyer needs to know more than just about New York State’s Vehicle & Traffic Law. Your lawyer MUST know a lot about trucks – 18-Wheelers, Tractor-Trailers, Delivery trucks, Tow trucks, Plow Trucks, Salting Trucks, Dump Trucks, Flat Bed Trucks, Concrete Trucks, Utility Trucks, Transport Trucks and Buses, etc.

Many times, truck accidents cause very serious injuries and damages.   The right lawyer must have superior knowledge and understanding of all relevant regulations and laws, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations and New York State Department of Transportation Regulations, as well as a working knowledge of truck inspections, medical requirements, safety procedures and maintenance requirements.

New York State Trial Lawyer, John Wright, Esq., is not only a truck accident professional with big truck accident wins, but he also owns big trucks, has maintained big trucks and knows first-hand all relevant state and federal trucking laws and safety procedures. 

The trucking companies and their insurance companies have the power and resources to hire experts, medical doctors, adjusters, and investigators from all over the country for one main reason: to prevent you from recovering all the compensation you and your family deserve.  You need to hire a proven trial lawyer and trucking expert.  If you’re injured in a truck accident, make the right choice and call The John Wright Law Firm. (585) 632-2222.


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