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Before You Hit The Open Roads With Your Motorcycle

March 17, 2023

Before you hit the open roads with your motorcycle...

Before you hit the open roads with your motorcycle, here’s what you need to know:

1.  Check your insurance policy and make sure you have $100,000 in SUM coverage;

2.  Inspect your motorcycle and equipment for any maintenance needed;

3.  Ensure your license is valid and current;

4.  During the first warm days of spring, watch for frost heaves, loose gravel, and potholes;

5.  Start by traveling closer to home and work your way up to longer trips;

6.  Invest in motorcycle safety devices like repeaters and reflective gear;

7.  Ride with a another rider;

8.  Approach each intersection as if the other drivers might not stop;

9.  Travel a safe distance behind other riders; and

10.  Stay ALERT!

Motorcycles provide freedom on the open roads that can’t be matched in any other vehicle and are an amazing way to travel. 

We hope and pray that every rider returns home safely after each and every ride this riding season. 

John Wright, Esq. is a fellow rider who has recovered millions of dollars for injured motorcycle riders.

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